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12 Feet Oil Equipment Container Was Delivered Successfully in Helping with North Sea Oil Company

In October, 12 feet container designed and manufactured by Standard Automobile (Guangdong) was finished and delivered to UK‘s north sea oil services company. This is the fourth batch of containers for oil equipment commissioned by UK‘s north sea oil services company to be produced by Standard Automobile.The first three batches are 10 feet, 20 feet equipment container and oil fence special stacking rack.

12 feet oil equipment container is standard size in width, height, and a length of 12 feet. The door is fully open on one side and no original end door. The front and rear ends of the container are equipped with louvers and other ventilation devices and it has internal shelf. This batch is 30 units, 3 batches in total. It is reported that the container has successfully obtained CSC container sample container license and CSC container batch inspection certificate. In terms of shipping, customer adopted transportation plan of 40 feet flat container, each of them can carry 3 units 12 feet equipment containers.

Standard Automobile is a professional container and semi-trailer manufacturer integrating research and development, design, production, sales and service. The company is located in Gaoming district, Foshan City, only 3 kilometers away from the Hecheng exit of Guangming high-speed, traffic is extremely convenient there. They can provide customers with a full range of special containers, housing container solution.