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40 Feet Open Side Container Has Been Finished Today

In early June, Dongguan Standard Automobile finished production of 40 feet open side container, which is designed and produced for Sichuan Chengfei Group to transport aircraft. Moreover, the container has passed acceptance check and delivered to client successfully.

The external dimension of this container is the same as 40 feet high cube shipping container, and standard shipping container plate is adopted to facilitate later expansion into shipping field. The bottom side beam is made of H steel, which greatly enhances the anti-deformation capacity of the container body, and lifting load of it can reach more than 10 tons, fully meeting delivery requirements of ordinary military aircraft. In addition, one side of the container is designed with full side door of 12 meters, as an easy access to the fuselage and wings.

It is reported that, in order to save shipping cost of home and aboard,improve transportation efficiency and convenience, increasing aircraft manufacturers chose special-customized container as their transport carriers. Dongguan Standard Automobile focuses on design, development and production of all kinds of side open containers, open top containers and wingspan containers. Warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to cooperate with us.