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45 Feet Both Sides Wing Open Container Roll off the Assembly Line in Helping with SF-Express Logistics

Recently, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) assisted SF Logistics in designing and producing a 45 feet both sides wing open container that was successfully rolled off the line and delivered to customers. It is reported that the container will be used with a 45 feet skeleton trailers and as a test platform for a new sorting method of Sf-express logistics robots.

The dimension of the wing open container is similar to that of a 45 feet ultra-high shipping container, with a length of 45 feet and a height of 9 feet and 6 inches, but is designed to be 2.55 meters width and can be used and transported with a 45 feet skeleton semi trailer. Under the control of the hydraulic power unit, side panels on both sides of the container can be expanded 90°upwards in 30 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of cargoes handling and testing. At the same time, the front wall of the box is also equipped with an emergency door to facilitate maintenance personnel to carry out routine maintenance and inspection. In addition, the interior of the container is equipped with a robot fixing bracket for installing a cargo sorting robot.

It is known that the wing open container has been successfully delivered to S.F. Express Logistics and put into use. The customer expressed that its structure is reasonable, functions are perfect, the appearance is beautiful and hope to have more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Standard Automobile (Guangdong) in the field of such special containers in the future.