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67 sets of stacking racks in Saudi Arabia were successfully delivered to customers

In October, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) successfully completed production and delivered a batch of special stillage for offshore oil platforms. The stillages are specially designed for storage of oil fences and can be freely stacked, which are convenient for customers to exchange and use them in different oil platforms. It is reported that the design and production of the batch was completed under supervision of China Classification Society (CCS). The total 67 sets of stillage passed the acceptance and obtained the CSC inspection certificate.

As we all know, exploration and development of offshore oil is far away from land, and production facilities are relatively independent. It is greatly affected by natural environment conditions of ocean. In particular, there is no special berthing dock for offshore platforms, so ships cannot achieve stable docking, replenishment materials and platform personnel are basically transported to the platform by ship. Therefore, material requirement of stacking rack is very high. It is necessary to ensure sufficient strength, lightweight and anti-corrosion. This batch of pallets perfectly meets above requirements and has been recognized by Saudi Oil Company.