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Standard Automobile Finished First 40 Feet Wing Open Shipping Container Successfully

Recently, 40 feet wing open container designed and produced by Standard Automobile (Guangdong) successfully rolled out of production line and obtained CSC certificate, which can be used for international maritime transportation and export. It is reported that the container is the first both wing open 40 feet standard height shipping container with CSC certificate in South China.

Wing Open Container is very popular in China as transportation container. As the name suggests, the biggest feature of this kind of Container is that both sides of it are movable side plates. With the cooperation of four hydraulic cylinders, container can be reversed upward at a constant speed, which greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency of goods.

However, there are three difficulties in applying wingspan structure to Marine container manufacturing standards. First, domestic logistics container is directly connected to the tractor chassis without lifting; However, shipping containers need to be lifted several times with cargo, which requires corner post to be independent from the side plate. Second, due to inability to adopt structural waterproofing design, waterproofing design of wing open shipping container is far more complex than that of wing open logistics container. Third, in terms of fastening device, domestic standard allowed fastening device installed under trailer frame, fastening rope can exceed container shape size; Shipping containers was required that all fasteners do not exceed standard container dimensions specified by CSC.

This time, Standard Automobile successfully applied wing open structure to shipping container, and was recognized by European customers. Soon, the sample container will arrive as far away as Belgium, bringing a touch of Chinese red to the European logistics industry.