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Standard Automobile Help with New Retail,

Recently,with the rise of new retail, unmanned supermarket, movable supermarket and M-store have springing up all over the country. How to provide them with appropriate carriers and facilitate installation and transportation has become a hot issue that needed to be solved urgently. In mid July, Dongguan Standard Automobile has rolled out the first container unmanned supermarket, opening a new journey to power new retail.

Container unmanned supermarket, which is customized for business customer by Dongguan Standard Automobile, can be designed according to customer’s requirement or modified according to standard 20 feet or 40 feet container size. Container side walls are installed window and side door, and glass windows added rain shelters. There is no longer dull wooden floor or steel floor inside container, but cement fiberboard, ceramic tile, PVC and other types of floor for clients to choose. In addition, for resting and dining, customer can arrange chairs and tables inside the container as they like.

The battle of new retail are heating up. Though some giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong and Suning have entered in the circuit of unmanned retail, which does not affect crevice innovation of other new species. One person own one removable and flexible container when he throw small cost, has no need to worry about problems such as bad location and bleak business. At the same time, container can be used as ice cream house, snack shop and milk tea house, convenient to be transformed.