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Standard Automobile Successfully Passed 40 Feet Wing Open Container CSC Test

On 23th of September, under supervision of Shenzhen Branch Surveyor, China Classification Society (CCS), 40 feet wing open container designed and produced by Standard Automobile (Guangdong) successfully passed the 13 tests specified in ISO 1496-1, obtaining the CSC sample container certificate. Since then, STD have acquired CSC sample container permit certificates for various types of special containers such as 10 feet open side container, 12 feet open side container, 20 feet 1C type container, 20 feet open side containers, 40 feet open side container and 40 feet wingspan container.

The wing open container, also known as the flying wing container, can be deployed upwards on both sides of container body under coordination of hydraulic power unit and hydraulic cylinder. The maximum angle can reach 95 degrees, which greatly improves efficiency of loading and unloading goods for logistics customers. Just a tap, two wings can finish an opening and closing in 75 seconds. In addition, by changing cylinder position and circuit design, the flying wing can be deployed downwards and successfully expanded into housing container structure carriers such as container cafes and container bars.

The China Classification Society (CCS), which is responsible for certification this time, is the only professional organization engaged in ship classification inspection business in China, and is a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) with ten famous classification societies such as LR, ABS, and DNV etc..