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Stay True To The Mission, Build A Dream Of Meteorology

In late July, the 10 feet weather equipment container which is designed and manufactured by Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd was rolled off the production line. And it was delivered to Xuwen, Zhanjiang city which is the southernmost part of the China mainland, to collect local weather data and support the early warning system for meteorological disasters.
Recent years, there was a spate of extreme weather events around the world, with record rainstorms, cold snaps and unusually high temperatures. In late June, historically high temperatures swept across the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada. In the meantime, heavy rains continue to cause flooding in many parts of Europe. This makes it all the more urgent to improve early warning systems for meteorological disasters and ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure in extreme weather.

It is reported that the dimensions of the movable container is 3000x2438x2591 mm, which is basically the same as the size of a standard 10 feet shipping container, so it is easy to lift and transport. In addition, the inner wall of meteorological equipment container is equipped with 50 mm thickness insulation layer, which has good thermal insulation and sand resistance ability. Container’s paint using C5-M anti-corrosion standard, greatly ensure the corrosion resistance of the container, so that it can long-term normal and stable work in the seaside. At the same time, the interior of the container is equipped with hanging air conditioner and LED lighting, providing a good working environment for the meteorological staff.
Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd focuses on the design, development and production of various customized containers, including photovoltaic equipment containers, sewage treatment containers, energy storage equipment containers and explosion-proof containers and other customized containers.