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The 20 Feet Water Test Container Rolled Off Production Line

At the end of 2021, the 20 feet super high & width water test container entrusted by the supporting enterprises of CNOOC to Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was successfully designed and produced, and the test was completed in early January 2022, and sent to Daya Bay area of pearl River Delta for testing offshore drilling platform equipment.

It is reported that the external dimension of the water container is 6058 x 3600 x 3500 mm (LxWxH), in addition to the length and size of the standard 20 feet container, the width and height direction are ultra wide and ultra high state, only the top opening, all four are sealed state, the total internal volume of nearly 70 cubic meters. In addition, the container body made up and down color separation processing, the upper part of the addition of 1.2 meters wide corridor and shop glass steel grating, at the same time equipped with 1.2 meters of fence and skirting board, to ensure the safety of workers.

The lower part of the container body is provided with six circular observation holes on all sides, all of which are made of high-pressure resistant glass. The inside is flush with the container body and the outside is raised. In addition, the upper and lower parts of the 3.5m short side wall are equipped with a spillage and a water release valve, which is convenient for the staff to observe the internal experiment of the water tank. It is understood that the container is mainly used to test the special equipment of the offshore platform (test pressure, test water resistance and waterproof performance of the equipment under 3.5m container high full load water depth). After the test is successful, relevant equipment will be put into use in Huizhou Daya Bay offshore platform.

Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd has been focusing on the design, development and production of customized equipment containers for a long time, and its main business is skeleton trailer, flatbed trailer, van trailer and all kinds of special purpose containers.